Will of Augusteen Herrman



Will of Augusteen Herrman
Transcribed and Contributed by Katharine Harbury (a descendant)

Source: Inventories, Accounts, Wills, Etc. 1665-1737, I.s., No. I.K., Folios 7-16, Microfilm Roll 109-5, Hall Of Records
Written: November 8, 1665

The Will and Testament of Mr. Augusteen Herrman
In The Name of the Holy Trenity Amen It being Most Certain decreed by God Almighty when and where
men to die but the Hour & Place UnCertain when & where. Wherefore wee must waite Alwayes
In humble readyness upon Gods good will and Pleasure when he Shall Call us out of this Transi:tory
World into Eternall life & happiness I have thought itt my duty I owe first to my Creator And then to my
Children to Declare this my Present Writing to be my last Present Will & Testament which I would have
after my Decease Performed in Manner & Condicon as Followeth And first Committing my Soule to the
Merritts of Jesus Christ my only Redeemer and Savior, (And)

And my Body to the Earth from whence it Came I do Appoint my burial and Sepulchar if I die in this Bay
or in Delowar to be in Bohemia Mannor in my Garden by my wife Johanna Varletts and that a Great
Sepulchar Stand shall be Erected upon our Graves three foot Above Ground like unto a Table with
Ingraven Letters That I am the first Seater & Beginner of Bohemia Mannor Anno dom. 1660 & dyed &c.-
And doe hereby Give and Bequeath Assigne Transport and Alienate unto my well Beloved Children,
Named Ephraim Georgius, Casparus, Anna-Margaritta, Judeth and ffrancina all by the Grace of god Alive
att Bohemia Mannr this Present by Vertue of my Patten of free De:nizacon to me and my family
Transported hi:ther bearing date the 14th of january Anno 1660. All my land & Possessions which I
have and Enjoy within and without the Province of Mary:land unto Bohemia Mannor by Patten to-me to
me my heirs and Assignes Bearing date the 19th of June 1662 as a free Gift and Reward for Publick
Service from the Right Honble the lord Propriatary Caecilus and another Tract of land Opposite to that
In Bohemia River Likewise a Deed of Gift by Patten to me my heirs or Assignes bearing date the 18th of
June 1662 Knowne by the Name of Hermans Neck (or)

or Middle Neck as Also another Tract of land Taken up for me and my familyes Rights Transportacon att
the North Side of Bohemia back Creek with an Other Parsell of a hundred Acres up that Account att the
head of Bohemia River on the South Next unto Harmans Neck for a Water Mill, or any other land and
Possessions hereafter with all the Previledges Buildings and Tenements or Appertainings thereunto
Belonging Saveing only and Provided that Shall In full force and Confirmacon any Parcell or Parcels of
the Said land & Possessions Sould or Given to any Before my Decease any Custom to the Contrary not
with standing. I say otherwise I doe give & Bequeath Assigne transport and Allinate all the Aforesaid
Land and Possessions unto my well beloved Chil:dren Aforesaid In Generall and to every one of the
longest liver In Particular declareing them my lawfull heirs Successors & Assignes to Say Ephraim
Georgeus unto the Bohemia Mannor for him & his Posterity for ever as a Heritatament conforme the
English Laws and Customs and by of Legall Sucess:tion from his Body, to his Brother Casparus & his
Posterity from thence to his Sister Anna-Margaritta and so by want to Judeth & ffrancina or the long:est
liver and their Posterity that god Grant may endure for ever. Provided that out of the Said Mannor Land
Shall be given to my Beloved daughters aforesaid at the day of their Marriage (For)

For a Portion three hundred Acres of Good land In Propriety as a free Release to them and their Body:ly
Posterity for ever to every one of them wch is in being, And further doe declare Casparus my right And
lawfull heir Successor. And Assign'd unto that Tract of land Called Harmans Neck Aforesaid unto him &
his Bodily Posterity for ever Otherwise to the longest liver Aforesaid butt any other land or Posses:sions
which I have now or hereafter may have I do declare my Loveing Daughters thereunto to my Right and
lawfull heirs Sucessors & Assignes to Them and their bodily Posterity for ever or by want to the longest
liver as Aforesaid And further: more as Concerning my Moveable Estate with in And wihtout the
Province of Maryland I do Like:wise Give And Bequeath all unto my loveing Children Aforesaid in
Generall And to the longest liver In Perticular To Say first out of the Stock upon Bohemia Mannor there
Shall Pro:perly Belong unto Ephraim Georgeus my Eldest Sonn at the Age of Eighteen years, Six Milch
cows, Six Breeding Sowes, Six Breeding Henns with a Bull a Bore & a Cock for his Private Stock Next at
the Age of Eighteen TYears of age there Shall be Delivered out of the Stock from Bohemia Mannor the
like Quantity of Cattle unto Casparus To Seat and Stock his Middle Except It Should Be Stockt & Seated
with the like Quantity by me Before And at the day of Marriage of My Daughters Aforesaid or at further
within Six Months After there Shall likewise Also be Delivered to every (one)

one of them the like quantity of Cattle out of the Common Stock which common Stock as is left by my
Decease Shall be Kept Together upon bohemia Mannor or Middle Neck for the good and Maintenance of
my Children in Generall as Aforesaid untill the Time Aforesaid Under the Possession and Custody of
Ephraim Georgius whom I appoint Ordaine & Constitute with John Browning his Assistant and Equall
Power as Exe=cutors or Administrators In trust only Requesting The Worp.ll Court & Commis.rs. of
Baltemore or Afterward Caecill County Chiefly In Case of Mortality or Absence to Nominate Impower &
Ordaine one or Two faithfull Overseers or Trustees more in the Behalfe of the young:er Orphant to See
things Maneaged & Carried a long in an honest Correspondent way for the good of all the Children in
Generall and every ones Good in Perticular Calling them Every Year to A Publick Account And
Examinacon for to Keep the Plantation or An Other Plantacon on the MIddle Neck on foot for the
Mainetanance Educacon, and Support of my Children in Generall And every ones Bringing up and
learning in Perticular, who highly Commend & Desire by all Possible meanes and Endeavors, not to
Neglect untill the dayes of their Marriage or Competent Age as Aforesaid Joyning them together and
everyone of Them In Particular, to live in the fear of God Obedient to the law faithfull to the
Government and in Brotherly love and Affection to help assist Comfort (And)

And labour one with another & for Another to the Glory of Christ & their Salvation & Next for the god of
Power godly Christians & themselves and for that Purpose what horses Mares Servants Negroes &
household stuff Shall be in being af:ter my Decease, Shall Remaine under the Custo:dy of Ephraim
Georgius upo [sic] Bohemia Mannr. for the Generall good only Provided that so well out of that as Debts
Oweing me by my Decease or Any other Estate Shall well and duely be Paid or Cause to be Satisfied all
and every true debt or Debts to any that Shall Swear in open Court to the Consideration he Pretends the
Debt is oweing for and that no Satisfaction Ever by them or Others in their Behalfe or Part upon that was
Given or Received Because That Perhaps Sum Ingagements might be out Uncancelled & Demanded
Again as hath been Experienced And this being Accom:plished what then by the Blessing of God & their
Endeavour att the time of Age and Marr:iage Aforesaid Shall Appear to be of the Clear Estate I would
have that every Child Equally Should Enjoy their Portion thereof but Ephraim Georgius first of all a
Double Share out of every thing for his Paines & Trouble he is to Take About the Rest out of what is
Named in Refference to the Moveable Estate Aforesd. and more Over all my Moveable & Immoveable

Estate In and without the towne & Province of New York I doe likewise give Alienate and Bequeath unto
my Loveing Children In Generall Aforesaid & to the longest: liver or Livers In Perticular to be Equally
Distributed Amongst them, All Just Debts & Accounts being first Satisfied thereont, And would have
Casparus to Settle his Chiefest liveing there wth. one or two of the Youngest Girles, That they may have
a fair Corespond:ce Together Between here and there, Butt Ann Mar;gerita Shall Remaine with Ephraim
Georgius upon Bohemia Mannor Untill the day of his Marriage And for the Said Estate within and
without New Yorke Aforesaid I doe hereby Ordaine Constitute & Authorize my loveing Brother in Law
Mr. Nicholas Varlett and his Sonn & his In Law Nicholas Bayard with my Sister in law Mrs. Judith Varlett
for to be Lawfull Overseers & Adminstrators there In Trust Untill the Competent Age or Marriage
Aforesaid But if it Should Please God to Call all my Aforesaid Children out of this world so that none of
them or their Bodily Posterity After them Should be in being Then I doe hereby give Allinate & Bequeath
Ordain & Assign All my Aforesaid Land and Protestations to the Erect:ing of a free School Christianity
Church and a Minestry upon Bohemia Mannr. and the Maintainance for ever , Requesting the Worp.ll
Comm.rs or Magistrates of Baltemore or Afterward Caecill County or any other go:verment there being
to See to that Performance (And)

And Accomplishing thereof. And of the Estate att or About(?) the Province of New York Toward the
Maintenance of a free School there. And so Excepting & Reserving to my Self dureing my life time In
Case of Remarridge more Children or upon Any other Account or Resolution To alter Disanull Add or
Deminish or to Dispose of itt Otherwise as I Shall See Cause. And Thus leav:ing this world Pray to God
Etunall life and Happy:ness, And have this with a Good Memory & Resolution Written and Sealled & the
Same Confirmed with my Owne hand & Name and Rattefied In Open Court in Baltemore County where I
desire itt be Recorded for a Publick Memoriall, this Eight day of November anno Dom.
One Thousand
Six hundred Sixty five Stylo Anglio-
Signed Sealed In Augusteen Herrman (Seal)
the Presence of us-
Godfrey Bayley
Thomas Howell

Transcribed from Liber I C N A folio 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13


Additional Comments:
I have transcribed this from my microfilm copy of this will that I located at the Hall of Records/Maryland
Archives. There is no date or anything to show that this was probated in court, which would explain the
dispute over the later will with the place of his signature cut out or missing...


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